The Best Deals Ever!

  1. Luggage has some really nice luggage at really reasonable prices it seems to me. Their tag line is “Reliable luggage for everyday use,” and it seems to me that the luggage on their site does look pretty reliable for regular people who just want luggage that is practical and reasonably priced. Some of their luggage are recognizable brand names and others may be less famous but just as good. One brand of luggage that has been curated on this site is Coolife. I don’t know if this brand is well known I only know I have never heard of it prior to seeing it on Amazon. But the reviews are great on this one. The luggage have an attractive design and the prices are unbeatable as far as I am concerned. It’s to the point that I am going to order a small carry on myself. And I will do a proper review once I do. Coolife is not, say, Samsonite. But for what it is and for the price, it looks really nice.  There are a ton of other luggage to choose from on Amazon including American Tourister.  Amazon Basics. Kenneth Cole. Nautica. And many others. I think if you are in the market for a new set of luggage you ought to consider looking on Amazon.

  •  Jewelry

Another thing I was surprised to see in abundance on Amazon is earrings. Why was I surprised? No idea. I was just so busy with other things I did not think that I can buy jewellery on Amazon. They have some great hoop earrings, for starters, and I am linking to them on the site. But there are so many other styles and many brands including: Betsy Johnson, Kate Spade. Michael Kors. Joycuff. Pandora. And others. Again, the prices look very reasonable and most of them have worldwide shipping capabilities.

  • Beauty products

My favorite beauty products right now come from Lancome and Olay. I don’t know if I saw Lancome on Amazon but I know they have Olay and that is a solid beauty product right there. Good stuff. They also have brands like Mario Badescu, ELEMIS and many others. They have a lot more than face creams, btw. They have suntan lotions, Vaseline, toiletries, nail polish and makeup. It is a pretty comprehensive assortment of stuff.

  • Books

This one is obvious. In the old days, that is all you could reasonably expect to find at Amazon, was books. Even I have published a ton of books, if you can call them that, on Amazon. I will throw up the link here. But I digress. When exactly did Amazon become this thing. I am not even sure. I feel like I woke up and suddenly it was this thing. However, the good thing is, you can still find just about any book on Amazon. I ordered one of my own and it should be arriving today. True story. Since I wrote it about seven years ago, I never ordered a copy for myself. So I ordered it and I am expecting it to arrive today.

  • Shoes

Amazon has got shoes. All sorts of shoes. Sneakers. Stilettos. Sandals. Sling backs. Everything in between. For men, women and kids.

  • Electrical gadgets

They have a ton of electrical stuff.  I have this camera (a SONY) that is nearly a decade old. And I could not retrieve the pictures for years because I lost the USB cord. I have been to store after store trying to find this cord. Well, is it a cord or an adapter? I don’t even know what to tell you, but I want it to connect the phone to the computer. And no store carries it anymore because SONY does not make the camera anymore. They have updated to something better (and more expensive). Would you believe I was able to order it on Amazon? Crazy.

  • Food

I have noticed that you can pretty much grocery shop on Amazon for everything from coffee to detergent. They even have vitamins and other over the counter medicines. At this rate they will put supermarkets out of commission before you know it! Unbelievable.

  • Lingerie

Yes, you guessed it. They have lingerie and silk pyjamas and stockings and bras. I mean, sheesh. I saw  a nice pyjama set that I personally like a whole lot. I may fill my Christmas stocking with a pair. I will update you.

  • Gift sets

They have gifts galore on the site. It’s pretty impressive.

  1. Ski Gear

I am writing this in winter and I have snow on my mind. So, I have been looking at ski gear all over the place and I have noticed that Amazon has some practical ones that are rather affordable. They have everything you could possibly need: glasses, pants, goggles; gloves, masks, mittens, helmet, socks, everything! Now all I need is a guy who will take me to the Alps. Why the heck has that been so elusive??