We are aggregators of retailers and brands and we serve as a conduit that connects retailers and brands to busy professionals and other consumers who shop online. We are also digital shoppers who  research and comment on different brands (which in turn we aggregagte on our site) this might involve the use of images for certain products of which we are not the copyright holders. (Please see our Fair Use Disclaimer.) We try to feature a wide range of products in varying price points from “luxury” to “budget” because we believe that digital shoppers are a diverse group with varying spending power and we want all groups to be a part of the Jeannie Lacroix experience. Products featured on this website include but are not limited to clothing, sports gear/wear, accessories, beauty products, cars, foot wear, food, travel gear/wear and home goods. For us, we take a “whole life” approach to digital shopping.


 Jeannie Lacroix™ is currently in Paris, France. 


Jeannie Lacroix™ is your online shopping fairy godmother, and Jeannie Lacroix.com™ is your online shopping Mecca where you can find curated products for busy professionals™. In essence, we are a digital shopping mall and e-commerce website that is mainly about promoting brands. We compile and curate cool brands and their products; provide commentary and research about these brands and/or their products and share news-worthy stories about these brands. (Note that the administrators of this website claim copyright to their taglines “curated products for busy professionals™” as well as “online shopping fairy godmother™” and are in the process of filing for trademark protection for both taglines as well as for  “Jeannie Lacroix.™”


First, we target global minded professionals who shop online – both MEN and WOMEN ages 21 to 61 – who like cool brands and products and who enjoy the online shopping experience. We are particularly interested in the “busy professional” type who don’t have time to go through entire databases and we streamline their search by curating our finds for them on both our website and blog.

Second, we target cool brands. Our objective is to be a part of their digital marketing strategy. We provide them with their own digital storefront to showcase their brand on our website. In some cases we might be affiliates, collaborators and/or cohorts.


You can think of us as an online-shopping fairy godmother. We scope out the Internet to bring you the coolest things we can find online, create a digital store for each brand so that you can browse by brand, and then you do the rest. Note that we are not necessarily recommending anything as much as we are scoping, highlighting, commenting, and leaving the choice 100% up to you what to do next. (For example, it’s ok to stop at window shopping if you are green and hate shopping or over-shopping as the case may be.) We understand that many shoppers like to have “recommendations” but we think our patrons are smart enough to know what they like and what they want and don’t necessarily need us to recommend anything to them, but that they may be unaware that what they want is right there. So, that is where we come in. We point to it. And you do the rest.


We make no guarantees or warranties whatsoever about any of these products. We merely list and aggregate products from brands and retailers that we think are cool and leave a comment on why we think it is cool (usually). But, WE DO NOT SELL ANYTHING DIRECTLY ON THIS WEBSITE.  That is to say that NO INVENTORY FOR OTHER BRANDS IS HELD BY JEANNIE LACROIX. We only connect consumes with products from brands and retailers by posting an image or talking about the product; and we of course hope that you will have a great customer experience with these brands and retailers. But Jeannie Lacroix disavows any responsibility whatsoever for products made, bought, sold and retailed by third party brands. Thus, if you buy something based on a link you saw on this site, you will have to deal with the retailers from which you bought the item. Jeannie Lacroix’s administrators have nothing to do with the transaction and take no responsibility for these transactions.

At Jeannie Lacroix, we don’t profess to be “fashion editors” or “influencers” or  “experts” or anything like that. Nor have we necessarily tried (or personally own) the products we feature on the site. We certainly are not arbiters of what is “cool” to the masses. It is subjective. We just know what we like and what looks cool to us and we list it on the site – and you are free to agree or disagree with our picks.


It depends. A lot of it has to do with reputation, packaging, utility and appearance. But it could also be a question of sustainability and other factors. Increasingly, how a brand treats workers, consumers, animals and the planet will impact how cool the brand is to us. But this is not a perfect science. We therefore reserve the right to get it wrong from time to time.


When you buy from our links, we may receive some sort of small commission from our affiliate partners, if any affiliate partner is connected to that link. If that is the case, we will try our best to disclose that on the specific posts when a product is part of our affiliate program. Could we miss disclosing from time to time? It’s possible. So let this notice serve as a general disclaimer that there could be affiliate commissions involved with a post. But rest assured that if it isn’t cool to us, we won’t post it on the site. 

One caveat: The fact that a product is listed on this website does not imply that Jeannie Lacroix has an affiliation, contract, endorsement, partnership or relation with that brand. Jeannie Lacroix has NO CONTROL over third party websites and brands as far as anything linked to from this website. “Anything” includes price, quality, returns, delivery and any and all other issues pertaining to any transaction between third party sites/retailers and consumers. It is our hope that consumers will have a positive experience on any site we link to however we cannot make any guarantees for third party sites and brands. Please read our disclaimer notice here.

Another caveat: Please note that the prices listed on merchandise may be inaccurate as Jeannie Lacroix does not have any way to verify prices which are set exclusively by third party sites.

Happy responsible shopping!


Updated March 5, 2020