Beatrice has informed me that she will be wearing sneakers to go out this New Year’s Eve. Specifically, she will be wearing her Balenciaga ones and she will be partying with her friends at a night club on the Champs Elysees.

The fact that Beatrice even owns Balenciaga sneakers is a thing because the girl is only 15 years old. How can she afford Balenciaga sneakers when she hasn’t worked a day in her life? I can’t afford Balenciaga sneakers and I have been working at least three decades. What is wrong with this picture? That is the first question. The second question is who wears sneakers on New Year’s Eve? Isn’t this the one night of the year where people proudly wear their Stuart Weitzman stilettos? And the third question is really? She is going to a nightclub? At fifteen years old?? Wow. This is a lot to unpack.

But. Never mind. Let’s limit our analysis to the sneakers as I don’t really have all night to really give this a full work up. And it is futile anyway because Beatrice is going to do what Beatrice is going to do and I am not going to be caught being an old fart telling her she can’t go to a night club on New Year’s Eve at 15 years old. I am not her mother.

So. Sneakers. So I guess with Gen Z millenials, it is totally cool to wear sneakers on New Year’s Eve, eh? Indeed, wearing anything else is out of the question, isn’t it? I have no idea what New Years Eve fetes are like these days. The last time I went out on a New Years Eve date, Bill Clinton was president and it might have even been his first term, and that was one of the few New Years Eves that I actually left the house. I was always the girl who stayed home and watched the ball drop because January 1st in NYC was always too damn cold. So what do I know? About New Years Eve style? But since I have designated myself as your “online shopping fairy godmother,” (and you don’t know how funny that is) I guess it is my duty to give you my opinion on what is the cool thing to wear as a woman going out on New Years Eve 2019 – starting with sneakers.

I have taken a look at the database (aka the curation on the website , and this is in part influenced by conversations with Beatrice) and I think any of them would be appropriate for a night out on the town on New Year’s Eve.

  • Pretty Little Thing

This one is the latest one I put up because it does look to me like a cool pair of sneakers. It doesn’t have a logo and this might be DOA for little Beatrice. And her friends. But I bet there are other girls, even ones in Gen Z who would love these. They are not the kind of price range as the Balenciaga ones. Indeed at around 55 euros, they are quite a steal. Maybe they could be even too “cheap” for some people. But I think style is about more than money. There are things that are expensive that look crappy. And inexpensive things can look expensive or cool. These sneakers by Pretty Young Thing definitely are cool – especially with a pair of slim fitting jeans. IMHO.

  • Balenciaga

Of course I have to include these because Beatrice will read this article and she will be miffed if I don’t admit they are cool. This is an expensive sneaker from my standpoint. It is not the most expensive sneaker that ever existed but still. Even if it is expensive, I do agree with Beatrice. It is still cool. I mean, it looks cooler, arguably, if your feet are smaller than a size 8. If your feet are big, like mine, and you wear this Balenciaga sneaker, I’m not sure. I’m not sure. I’m not sure if you look all that fabulous! You could. Because so long as Virgil Abloh says you are cool, then, voila. (Actually, I don’t think he has a collaboration with Balenciaga yet. He is the Louis Vuitton guy, the Off White guy). But from my perspective, if you have big feet this bulbous design could be controversial on you – and this is true across brands. Because a loft of brands have this style of sneakers..  But it’s cool. It is very, very cool. And if you wear this for New Year’s Eve I bet you will be the envy of all the other girls.

  •  Yeezy

Yeezy is still cool, right? It’s not passé, right? I think Kanye’s collaboration with Adidas was the first have this bulbous design, am I right? Forgive me if I am not up on all the industry trivia. I never professed to be an expert at this who knows anything about this. I am totally new to this. I only know what I like visually. To me, what pleases me visually is cool. But I totally understand that to the masses, it may not be cool. At all. But even I know that Kanye’s Yeezies were or are considered cool. Right? And that he was the first to design this sort of big foot sneaker that looks a bit questionable on big footed girls. Although, it doesn’t even matter. It’s New Year’s Eve. Wear what you want. Wear what makes you happy. But Yeezy is a cool brand. Consider it. You can’t go wrong.

  • Gucci

These are even more expensive that the Balenciagas but I think they look like they would go with anything and they have a little bit of shine to them that is appropriate for New Year’s Eve. Although, I wonder if the cool kids are as into Gucci sneakers as they are into, say, Nikes. I feel like all everybody talks about are their Nikes. I never hear anybody talking about their Gucci sneakers. But then again, it could be the crowd I am around. We straight up don’t have money to afford stuff like Gucci sneakers. We have rent and mortgages. But even among my Gen Z acquaintances, I don’t hear them talking about their Gucci sneakers all that much. I wonder why. Cause I think they would look epic on New Year’s Eve.

So, yea. These are the four I want to highlight and you can find them all on our list by clicking here.

Thanks for reading.