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This website is an idea. It is an idea of curating cool products from cool brands across the e-commerce ecosystem and sharing links to these products with would be shoppers. Note that what we consider “cool” is totally a matter of our opinion. No visitor to this website is obliged to agree. The curators of this website express their opinions on the various brands and their wares in the compilation. Note that this is only OUR opinion – you do not have to agree and we don’t profess to be “right.” The website also provides latest news and updates about brands, products reviews, commentary about legal cases involving brands, brand profiles, influencer profiles and designer profiles. Nothing on this website is intended to represent the website owners as an “authority” on anything whatsoever. We are not experts on ANYTHING. This curation and compilation represent our opinions, and that’s all. We make every effort to be accurate in what we post and report (including prices, designer name, brand name, etc.) however, we do not guarantee accuracy with regard to ANYTHING on this website. Errors and omissions are errors and omissions and we apologize in advance for any errors and omissions on this website but we do not accept any responsibility or liability for errors and omissions with regard to ANYTHING. At the time of the drafting of this page, no content on this website was sponsored by any brand to which we are linking. This could change in the future if we become affiliates of any brand and we will do our best to exercise full disclosure and transparency if and when that time arrives. We use photographs in our “online store” under the fair use exception to the copyright laws. We have conducted a good faith analysis into this issue of “fair use” and believe ourselves to be compliant with the law. WE DO NOT SELL ANYTHING DIRECTLY ON THIS WEBSITE AND TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY PURCHASES AND TRANSACTIONS MADE AFTER CLICKING A LINK ON THIS WEBSITE TO A THIRD PARTY SITE. In addition to this notice, we advice you to read our “privacy policy” and our “cookie policy” as well as our “About Us” page. We respect your privacy. We respect your data. We do our best to extract minimum amount of data from users of this site.

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1. You must be 18 years of age to use this website. If you click on a link from this website to a third party site in order to purchase items linked from this site, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the terms of use of that third party site. Jeannielacroix.com accepts no responsibility or liability for age requirements on third party sites.

2. You are the sole person responsible for ANY content you post onto this website.

3. You agree to hold Jeannielacorix.com harmless for any errors on this site that include published prices for merchandise, broken links, misattribution, and the like; and you further understand and agree that as a user of this site you have no control or standing to dictate the services provided on this site or the way in which this site operates as it is within the sole discretion of the owner of this site to operate this website as they deem appropriate.

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7. You agree and understand that JeannieLacroix.com is simply a listing site with the aim to educate, entertain and inspire shoppers, as well as an intermediary between shoppers and brands and is thus not directly involved in sales and purchases with third party sites; and further that Jeannielacroix.com makes no guarantee whatsoever (including but not limited to availability, quality, refunds) about any item published or featured on this website that you choose to purchase.

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19. These terms and conditions must be read along with our cookie policy, privacy policy and fair use policy.

Last updated January 1, 2020