The following is’s Cookie Policy:

First, what are cookies?

Cookies are form of industry-wide technology used to track users’ interest and behaviors across the web. Essentially, cookies are text files which are used to analyze users’ preferences, habits and interests on the Internet and specifically – for purposes of this stated policy – on our website. Cookies do not implicate personally identifying data such as your name or email address but rather include but are not limited to your IP, browser and other identifying data.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are essential to help us pinpoint your interests and to give you a better more personalized experience on our website. However, you can refuse and decline to accept cookies. Indeed, you can totally block cookies if you wish. See

What types of cookies do we use?

The types of cookies used on are subject to change as our site evolves and grow. However, generally speaking we could use different types of cookies to analyze performance of our site (to see how many visitors we have and the behavior and preferences of those visitors, for example); we may also use cookies for e-commerce and e-billing purposes it that becomes necessary as our site’s services evolve; in addition we could use cookies to keep track of your location, your language, your preferences: and finally we could use cookies to record your web activity to track the links and pages you visit (anonymously).

Could we share cookies with third parties?

Yes. The information from our cookies could be shared with third parties, again in a manner that does not personally identify you.

What does our cookie policy apply to?

This Cookie Policy applies to ALL of our content on our website, mobile apps and any and all applications owned by

This Cookie Policy forms part of and is incorporated into our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to edit and modify this policy at our sole discretion, as that becomes necessary as this website evolves.

Dated: December 9 2019