A London-based Digital Influencer in the Fashion, Beauty and Travel Industries

Josephine Fear (Josie to her fans) is a 28-year-old London-based lifestyle blogger, fashion influencer, beauty expert and travel enthusiast who created the blog Fashion Mumblr.com in 2014. She also has a heavy footprint on Youtube where she vlogs three times per week about her life.  Indeed, Josie has a substantial presence on various social media platforms including Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and others. For that reason she is known as a “digital influencer” and one who has caught the attention of many of the top global brands in the industry.

Where fashion is concerned, Josie is considered to be a very important voice. One can see her regularly attending various fashion events and brand soirées throughout the year, both in London and other exciting locales around the world. These envy-inducing outings are chronicled in minute detail on her youtube channel every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. But followers of the charming Brit also get some bonuses during Black Friday week, Christmas (pretty much the entire month of December) and Fashion Week in the world’s glitziest capitals. During these intense seasons, Josie is known to give her fans daily videos showcasing various aspects of the events.

Josie is also a brand ambassador and enjoys multiple collaborations with multiple brands including L’Occitane, Top Shop, Mulberry, and Reiss to name a few. At any given moment any of these brands (and others) can haul her off to an exquisite venue seemingly just to feed her and gift her one amazing thing after the other – all with the end goal of promoting their brand.

What makes Josie so noteworthy is the passion and focus she brings to her work as a successful digital influencer. She is totally self-made and created her online persona from scratch with no help from anyone. It was on a free blogger blog that she started at first, in fact, only to grow her company Fashion Mumblr, into the respected enterprise that it is today.

 After having attended the London College of Fashion, Ms. Fear held several jobs before quitting the 9-5 hustle and striking out on her own. She explained in several interviews that she had to save up her money before quitting her job to blog fulltime. Some of the jobs she held before becoming a full time youtuber and blogger include PR & Marketing Manager, Marketing executive (at Mulberry), Personal Stylist (at Topshop and Reiss), and Events Hostess and Harrods Department Store in Central London.

Josie’s fashion sense is very keen. She favors a feminine silhouette, florals and Chloe handbags as staples. Her favorite retailers include Reiss, Zimmerman, River Island and Top Shop. She adores her Valentino Rock Studs Sling Backs, though lately she seems to be leaning more towards Jimmy Choo.

She definitely has made shopping a business and it has gotten her quite a bit of criticism – some of it might even be fair – especially because of her professed concern for the environment, sustainability and plastics. But she never did profess to be perfect. Josie does explain in the beginning of many of her videos that shopping is her job. She does not advocate that anyone shop as much as she does. She also explains that she does not keep all the things she showcases on her blogs and videos. A lot of it is returned. And some of it is sold on websites like depop.com – a venue where you can buy her used clothing (still fabulous and in pristine condition no doubt). https://www.depop.com/fashionmumblr/.

You may be wondering what the secret to her influencer success is. She has explained that for her, engagement with her followers has been key. She says it is the most important key – and this is measured by the number of likes, views and comments she receives. She tries to make sure to respond to all of these whenever possible. She abhors the practice of buying followers and faking one’s stats to deceive brands who base their decision on who to collaborate with on numbers. For her, the key things to remember are to create good content and to remain engaged with one’s followers, and to be authentic and not fake your stats.

Josie lives with and is engaged to marry her long-time boyfriend Charlie Irons. The two live together in a cosy little house near London with their two dogs.

For more on Josie check out her blog at www.fashionmumblr.com