Profile of a Style Icon

I only know Olivia Palermo from Youtube. I remember vaguely in about 2008 her name was intertwined with another New York socialite named Tinsley Mortimer (whatever happened to her?) but I lost touch with that whole scene and rediscovered Olivia by accident on youtube a couple of years ago.

I love her style. I mean, it is dizzying in the sense that if I had that many clothes, I probably would get stressed out. It would raise my blood pressure and I would get frustrated because I wouldn’t know what the heck to wear. To the simplest occasions. Like going to the supermarket. It would be overwhelming to me to have so many choices as Olivia.

What I like and admire about her is that she makes it all look seamless, and easy, and like she didn’t make any effort and like she is not overwhelmed by the sheer volume of her apparel possessions. And she wows, every time. Every single day. Every single event. Impeccable. How does someone pull this off?? I guess when you have looks like that, it is not that difficult.

Olivia Palermo is a very pretty American girl who is described as a true twenty-first century style icon and tastemaker. She is a former reality tv siren who starred on a show called The City which I have never seen, quite frankly. And maybe it is for the best as I heard she played some sort of villain. I can only hope it was not a mean girl character as I tend not to care to much for those types of pretty face/mean soul types of people.

So anyway, since the TV show (which she seems not to like to discuss for some reason) Olivia created a website circa 2011 called, fittingly,  The stated aim of her website is to “inspire everyone to be the very best versions of themselves through a curation of the very best in fashion; beauty, travel and lifestyle.” She is all about inclusion and inspiration and maybe this is due in part to her own upbringing and her struggles as a child with a learning disorder. She has an open mind it seems and this sounds lovely to me. If her company’s actual DNA matches her stated and written aims, I like her all the more.

She has a lot of titles in the industry. One of them is Social Media Influencer, according to this article, Olivia Palermo the Ultimate Social Media Influencer Indeed, she has a hefty following on Instagram. She boasts, as of this writing, 6.3 million followers on platform – and most of them are reportedly between the ages of 15-30 years of age. They apparently tune in daily to check out what she is wearing. She does wear clothing well. Other than, say, Gwyneth Paltrow, I have never seen a woman who could wear just about anything, and look fabulous the way Olivia Palermo does. It’s unbelievable. She has said she is influenced by fashions in Tokyo and Seoul, although, looking at her wardrobe, I would not be surprised if she is influenced by a lot more places and cultures.

In addition to Social Media Influencer, she is an E-commerce Entrepreneur, Fashion Editor, International Style Icon, Brand Ambassador to name a few. In this article, she shares exemplifies each of these titles quite beautifully.

Olivia has a strong philanthropic ethic and has partnered with brands to benefit disadvantaged groups and causes such as cancer research. For example, a shoe she designed with Stuart Weitzman was to benefit cancer research. She has also done projects that benefited the Masai in Africa.

As a brand and designer and entrepreneur she has collaborated with many other brands including but not limited to West Leaning, Aquazurra, La Mer, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, and Aspinal of London.

Olivia lives in Dumbo (one of my favorite places in the world) with her husband Johannes and her dog, Mr Butler. More on Olivia here.