Apple Beats Solo 3

I don’t own the Apple Beats Solo 3 headphone and I am not a techy person and I frankly don’t know squat about headphones. Yet, I have to audacity to be writing a review about the Apple Beats Solo 3. Where do I get the gumption? I will explain.

You see, my friend Garth owns the Apple Beats Solo 3 headphone. And just in the interest of full disclosure, Garth is not his real name. But for privacy reasons I want to just call him Garth. Okay? So Garth owns the Apple Beats Solo 3 headphone and every time I hang out with him, he lets me use it.

For such an old guy, Garth is actually very cool and very hip. He is in his late 60s and he just is like a guy in his twenties. He strictly wears Nike sneakers, backpacks all over Europe all the time, and listens to music with his headphone. Garth is divorced and he has two grown daughters close to my age. He lives just outside Paris in a place called Vincennes. We are not romantically involved, him and I. We became friends recently after meeting at a language exchange event in Paris and so from time to time he invites me over for a dinner and wine at his bachelor pad in Vincennes.

But I digress. Why did I just tell you all of that? The point is that Garth has a lot of techy gadgets in his apartment. Both modern stuff and old-fashioned stuff like record players like my dad used to use, where you take the needle and put it on the vinyl record for it to play. And typically, once I am wined and dined, he typically will begin to show off his knowledge of art and music.

He likes to make me listen to classical pieces with his Apple Beats Solo 3 headphone. Yea, I know. Listening to classical music is a little bit old fashioned. Garth is definitely a mix of old fashioned and contemporary and this is very intriguing. I don’t know what he likes better: the music or the headphone. Even though I know nothing about headphones and what makes good sound quality, Garth is convinced that this is one, the Apple Beats Solo 3 is one of the best headphones on the market in its price range today. He has other headphones, but he says this one is his favorite.

I have to say, I like this headphone for several different reasons. First of all, I do think it has great sound just based on my own likes and dislikes and not so much about expert opinion. For me, in my inexperienced opinion, the sound on this product is phenomenal.  It focuses the sound right into my ears and I can’t hear anything else when I have it on my ears. It’s just me and the music and it is pretty cool. Also, the way it fits, it does not pinch my ears as much as other headphones used to. I actually never liked headphones for that reason because they always pinch my ears. This one doesn’t. It is very comfortable and there is no headache that comes after like with other headphones. Yea, headphones give me a headache. But not the Apple Beats Solo 3. To be honest, the longest I would wear it at any given time is about ten minutes or so on average. But I can totally see wearing them much, much longer.

Other things I like about this is that you can connect it to your I-phone and receive calls and you can connect it to your other Apple apparatuses. I think you can also connect it to other devices outside of the apple constellation but don’t quote me.

Garth tells me that one of the things he likes is the long battery life he gets with it. And he said something about Bluetooth but I don’t remember. I don’t understand that kind of stuff.

I really like this headphone and I can totally see myself buying one, one of these days. At nearly $300 bucks, it is very expensive, obviously, so I have to be sure about it and save up for it. But I think one day I will just take the money out of my piggy bank and go for it. I like the carrying case that goes with it. It is fashionista-friendly, I think. The only one negative is that it makes my ears sweat a little bit. I hate that but other than that, I really dig this headphone. It’s so cool….wonder if Garth will buy me one for Christmas?