This teapot from HEMA is so beautiful. I thought so the very first time I saw it but I did not buy it right there and then. Why? Because I have tons of other teapots and kettles and I really didn’t need another one. Especially another white one. After all, how many white porcelain teapots can I own?

So, I think it is called the Chicago Teapot. I saw it at the store at Chatelet in Paris but I left it on the shelf and went home. I thought about it all the way home and all night till the next morning when I woke up. Then I decided that for 11,00 euros, I would not continue to torment myself. I would get the darned teapot. I have never regretted my purchase. I really love it and can scarcely find a negative thing to say about it. I think even Queen Elizabeth would love this kettle for its unusual shape, utility, simplicity and thrifty price point. At 11,00 euros it really is an unbeatable price.

It holds a lot of water, surprisingly. I would say that you could easily get enough tea for four people in a tea party with this one. Or if you are the only one in your party, you can get up to five cups of tea from one full serving of hot water in this teapot.

How often do I use this puppy? At first, I would say I used it nearly every day. But after a while, I began to use it a little bit less so that I could give my other teapots a chance and so that I could let this one breath a little bit.

I will say that it is a sort of heavy teapot when it is full of water so if you have weak wrists, that could be a little bit of an issue. You would have to be careful not to drop it by accident and break the whole thing to smithereens, or if you are around kids, just be extra careful if it is full because it is heavy when your wrists are not very strong..

I would say this product is aimed towards women mostly although obviously men might also enjoy it. And women over 30 because younger women probably are less likely to have time or desire to sit there with a teapot having tea. It is for tea lovers whatever the age, but my sense is that tea lovers who are into collecting teapots are probably going to be over 30 and female on average -though if I am stereotyping, forgive me in advance.

It is totally user friendly, easy to clean and looks classy and elegant on your kitchen counter.

Really, I am trying to think of some good cons against this product just to have a bit of balance in this review. But I can’t think of any. It is adorable and the price is sweet and it is totally useful and collectible too. I just love it.

Where can you find it? Find it here.