Who is this girl who just got hired by Rihanna to help out the pop star with her Fenty brand footwear ambitions?

Amina Muaddi is half Romanian and half Jordanian, grew up in Italy and as of this writing is living in Paris where, according to her Vogue profile, she is inspired by everything in the city including the museums and restaurants.

Amina is a taste-maker for the millennial set. Harpers Bazaar is quoted as saying “the young designer herself has an extremely cool yet effortless style that extends well beyond her footwear.”

It appears she was always cool kid, as early on as her days in Romania where she moved (from Jordan after her parents separated) to live with her fashion-conscious mom.

 An Instagram hottie, and ‘it’ girl of the moment, Amina is all the buzz not only on social media but among stylish celebrities such as Paris and Nicki Hilton, Kendall Jenner and Rosie Huntington Whitely. From her website aminamuaddi.com : “Amina developed an eye for what taste-makers around the world truly want – that perfect blend of effortless glamour, impeccable craftsmanship and fashion-forward style.”

Is this any surprise? She studied fashion at the European Institute of Design (she claims her classmates used to make fun of her style) and studied shoe design in Italy in the shoe making district Riviera del Brenta. At one point she also lived in New York where she worked with Michael Nash to do celebrity styling. Some of her clients included Justin Timberlake and the Jonas Brothers. Wow.

In addition to managing her personal brand and working for Rihanna, Amina also collaborates with shoe designer Alexandre Vauthier. At some point in her gloried past, Amina formed her first brand Oscar Tiye.

On her Vogue profile Amina describes herself as having an eclectic esthetic.  Amina’s signature design is her Cinderella shoes and boots with a pyramid shaped heel – an eclectic design indeed. Her shoes have the most exotic names like “Adwoa Feather and Crystal embellished Satin Sandals” “Karma Crystal-embellished leather pumps,” and “Gilda Mules.” Another one called the “Begum” cinderella glass sandal that is so popular there were none left just days after they came out. The designer has promised via her Instagram profile to have a new batch available in Spring 2020.

Her shoes and the lovers of them have formed a cult in the fashion industry and it appears that she is deliberate in keeping her label exclusive. Her collections, for example only come out once per year. Cool brand in the making?

Amina Muaddi is definitely one to watch. www.aminamuaddi.com