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Sexy Intimates from 10 global brands….

  • Cosebella
  • Intimissimi
  • Savage x Fenty
  • Maison Lejaby
  • Passionata
  • Fleur of England
  • Yandy
  • Pour Moi
  • Adore Me
  • Lonely Label

1. Lonely Label

Lonely Label is a brand that “eschews conventional marketing, bringing its collections to life via the Lonely Girls Project, a journal featuring women around the world from all walks of life captured wearing Lonely in their way.” The brand claims to be geared towards women who “wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves.” It is based in New Zealand with stores in Wellington and Auckland. Many of the models used in this brand’s marketing campaign could be described as “full figured” which is a big plus for them as far as inclusivity goes.

2. Adore Me

This brand is famous for having a great app that allows shoppers to search a lot more easily than other brands out there. The mobile app is based on Google-friendly angular technology and since most of their customers shop by mobile (about 80 percent) this is a great thing for this. The brand was founded in New York by Morgan Waiche – a man. But the brand prides itself on being “designed for women by women nevertheless. The brand encourages women to “embrace their inner uniqueness” when they think of their lingerie wardrobe. The flagship store for this brand is Staten Island New York.

En plus….

3. Pour Moi

This brand was founded by a Brit named Michael Thomson who expressed that his desire was to create “beautiful and sophisticated lingerie” for women. His company is located in the English countryside and they design lingerie, swimwear, hosiery and nightwear among other intimate pieces for women. They distribute their merchandise on several different websites including Zalando, Asos, and Figleaves.

4. Cosabella

Cosabella means “beautiful thing” in Italian and it is hard to conjure a more beautiful name for lingerie than this. It is a family owned company that is headquartered in Miami Florida in the United States. The family immigrated to Miami from Capri in the 1980s and not long after, they got into the lingerie business, sourcing materials from Italy to create this Italian brand. Their motto as stated by the son of the founders is based on the idea that “women today are wearing lingerie as an accessory not just functional undergarments,” and so they create things like “flourescent thongs and bras that glow in the dark” to further that narrative. A lot of celebrities seem to love this brand.

5. Intimissimi

This Italian clothing label was founded in 1996 in Verona Italy. They sell lingerie, PJs and other intimates and have stores in several European capitals. The brand has an arrangement with Victoria’s Secret and their brand ambassador is Dakota Johnson.

6. Savage x Fenty

Savage is branded as lingerie “created for the female gaze and not for the male gaze.” The brand celebrates “audacity” “confidence” and “inclusion” as well as accessibility (pricing wise). They also are known to make a point of featuring models of all skin shades and sizes in their marketing campaigns. The company is backed by the venerable LVHM so this really does help to position the brand at the head of the pack of the lingerie ecosystem.

7. Maison le Jaby

Maison Lejaby describes itself as more than just a lingerie design company. Rather, they are a “House of Craftmanship” in the lingerie universe. It is a French brand and they claim high level expertise in corsetry and lingerie. The brand has been going strong since the 1930s when it first launched its ateliers in Lyon. They are all about helping women to build a lingerie wardrobe with “Parisian allure, sensual elegance and a bold, classic look.”

8. Passionata

This lingerie brand is all about energy and passion. They are all about “combining their vibrant, creative energy and robust technology” to create the kind of lingerie to appeal to today’s woman. The company is a French brand and is part of a larger group of about five lingerie brands under the umbrella of Chantelle – a French brand in its own right.


This brand is all about making women feel “sexy.” Indeed they claim on their website that “every woman has the right to own her sexy.” So this is the crux of this brand, sexiness. They make everything from hosiery to shoes, accessories and of course lingerie. They also have a nice line of products for plus size women.

Fleur of England

Fleur of England has a philosophy that “everyone should feel beautiful in their lingerie, and when your lingerie fits you perfectly – you feel amazing.” The creator and executive director of this eponymous brand is Fleur Turner, of Bristol England. It is a luxury brand at a high price point, so definitely an investment piece. But these are exquisite designs and look to be worth every penny.

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