Aubade – Bra Strap

This french brand, created in 1958 by a French corset maker and doctor, is known for its sexy lingerie. It is squarely a European brand but has dipped its toes into the global market for sexy, sophisticated and sensual underwear. So every woman can see herself in this brand.

A lot of the stuff on Aubade’s website look very pretty to the naked eye. How is the quality? We are thinking pretty good. We liked that it seems to be a brand that understands the importance of inclusion in fashion as we head into the 2020’s when sustainability and inclusivity are the new buzzwords for the world’s fashion brands that want to survive into the next century.

Underwear companies like Victoria’s Secret have been having a challenging time transitioning to a more inclusive business model. But Aubade seems to fundamentally understand and has risen to the challenge and you can clearly see this in their marketing and website, for example. Kudos to them.