Shisheido – Body Toning Cream (Skin Care)

This brand is one of the oldest beauty brands in the world. Shisheido is a Japanese brand known for its body and beauty care products. It started in Asia but obviously now its a global brand with stores all over Asia, Europe and America and its products have a good reputation, it seems. Maybe it’s not as affordable as a lot of Korean beauty care products but the price point is medium range and suitable for the Middle Class consumers. In fact this morning the Nikkei Asian Review and the Japanese Times both had articles about the company. Seems they are trying to expand their reach in Asia in countries like Thailand and Indonesia and yep, they are targeting Middle Class buyers. 

Like Shisheido, other Japanese companies like Uniqlo are also capitalizing on the “Made in Japan” furor hitting global markets these days.

What do you think of the Shisheido skin care line? Do you use it? Is it efficacious? Would you describe Shisheido as a cool brand?