Massimo Dutti – A bucket bag made of leather and available on Amazon. (Filed in Bags, luxe)

This brand came onto my radar because of Duchess Meghan. She wore the brand on her last appearance in UK before retreating to Canada for a more private life. I have come to appreciate the brand and then I learned that it can be had on Amazon. So even better. What are your thoughts on this bucket bag? IT is not per se “luxe” but it is a very nice quality nevertheless.


From Amazon:

Massimo Dutti Massimo Dutti Women Leather bucket bag 6900/602/800      



Price:$170.95 + $12.90 shipping










































  • 100% leather
  • You are purchasing a 100% Authentic
  • If your size is not available, please contact us
  • Please check product description for size chart and USA equivalences
  • Please read carefu