Hello darlings! Are you looking for a new duffel bag? Here are 10 Duffel Bags I picked out for your consideration:

1. Amazon Basics Duffel Bag – $32.99

This bag is Amazon’s own brand so I think that means it is a good quality bag. I like the bright color because it literally pops before my eyes which are so used to wearing all black every day of the year. At $32.99 I think it sounds like a basic bag, a good deal.

Amazon Basics Duffel Bag

Amazon’s description

in part says “The lightweight yet sturdy bag works well as an after-work gym bag or as a handy way to transport dance, soccer, or other sports equipment to and from home. It can even be used as an overnight or weekend-away travel bag. The Amazon Basics sports duffel bag provides exceptional versatility and convenience.” 

2. Nike Duffel Bag – $69.85

This bag ranks well on Amazon so that speaks for itself. It is a classic and you don’t have to try hard or wonder.

Nike Duffel Bag 

You just know that when you carry this be it at the gym, on an overnight trip or even to the grocery store, this bag will look good no matter what. It is almost double the price of the Amazon Classic above. But hey. Comme ça.

3.Timberland Twin Mountain Duffel Bag – $54.13

Timberland is a fairly masculine brand even though they do make stuff for women. Still, it is not the most “feminine” of stuff that it makes even when it makes for girls. At the same time, which self-respecting girl (especially an American girl) doesn’t own a pair of Tims?


But what about the Duffel bag? The Mountain Duffel Bag to be exact. Does she own a Mountain Duffel Bag from Timberland? Cause you ain’t cool until you own a Mountain Duffel bag from Timberland. This one is kind of cute. And I think equally feminine as it is masculine. Which is a small miracle if you ask me.

4. TravelPro Duffel Bag – $156.10

The Bold 30″ Rolling Duffle Bag With Drop Bottom is a very rugged duffel bag. I am thinking you are not going to be taking this to the gym or to the grocery store like the Amazon or the Nike above. This one is for travel, and heavy adventure travel too, not just a little trip to Rouen.  You buy this one when you want to climb mountains and go into the wild, and camp. And hunt. And pitch tents. Do you agree?

Travel Pro

 Amazon says “Tough-built, lightweight, expandable rolling duffel bag with drop bottom is made of rugged, high-density polyester fabric with water repellent coating for greater stain resistance. Reinforced wheel housings and skid guards protect high wear points Strong, telescoping Aircraft-grade aluminum handle stops at 38″ and 42″ for users of different heights. High performance ball-bearing wheels deliver a smooth roll.”

5. Samsonite Duffel Bag – $27.61

This is described as 100% Nylon. The Samsonite brand is a fairly well known and well established brand and quality and attention to details are things they are known for.


Which is why I was so surprised that this bag was so inexpensive! It has got to be the least expensive of the bunch. And it is one of the better known names in luggage. So kudos to them. What about you. Do you like this brand?

6. Fresion Duffel Bag – $37.86

This large canvas duffel bag by Fresion even sports a shoe compartment. It is great for weekend trips and other business trips, or an overnighter as well. Not the best for the gym or supermarket, I don’t think. It is not like the Nike or even the Amazon basic. And this one comes with a coupon where you can get an extra 10 percent off as well.


According to the description which reads in part, “REINFORCEMENT DESIGN: The bottom of travel duffel bag is made with rivets and durable canvas material to keep firm. The rivet prevents the bottom of the duffel bag from contacting the ground directly to achieve the anti-dirty and durability.VINTAGE AND DURABLE: The travel duf fel bag is made of thick top quality soft canvas and pu leather which is wear-resisting, soft, sturdy and lasting.”

7. VC Vintage Couture -$129.99

VC Vintage Couture

What I like about this is the ruggedness of it, the originality. It does not look like all the others and I really appreciate that about this duffel bag. It is one of the priciest duffel bags on this list and I can see why. It is made of 100% leather and in addition, here is what the description says in part about it: “Big main compartments for clothing /travel and sports gear etc, Two big Side pockets for shoes / accessories etc, Front pocket for cash /mobile its huge duffel bag bag and really you can enjoy it and feel it this is really fantastic luggage travel duffel bag. Multi utility bag can be used as a travel bag, gym duffel bag, duffle bag, sports duffel bag, overnight bag, weekend cabin duffel bag, carry on duffel etc …

8. Polare Men’s Full Grain Leather Duffel – $189.99

This classy, 100 percent cowhide leather bag is perfect for the ultimate weekend trip with the significant other to a capital in Europe, North Africa or, really anywhere in the world where you preferably are not sleeping in a tent but instead in a nice indoor location.

Men’s Duffel by Polare

Why? I don’t know. This just doesn’t look like the outdoor type let’s just say. It comes with life time customer service and it just looks so incredibly cool.