So what are you going to get your significant other for the big day? Looking for some last minute gift ideas? Here are 10 suggestions from yours truly…❤

Bose Pink Headphones $220.00

1. A Michael Kors Parker Gold-Tone Watch

Michael Kors, $160.65

This is a pretty watch. The color is just sweet. It is almost too good to be true if you want to know the truth. I read the reviews and it is well reviewed for the most part but some negative reviews were in the midst. Were they real reviews. Who knows. All I can say is this watch looks just beautiful. I love it. Don’t you think this is a pretty watch??

2. Kate Spade Loves Me Knot Cuffs 

Kate Spade Bracelet, $69.99

This is just a romantic bracelet that any girl would love. It is metal with obvious heart details and you slip it on or off without any worries about opening and shutting clasps. 

3. Himalayan Bath Scrubs

Himalayan Scrub, $13.98

This Lychee Oil Complex Himalayan Scrub is a great selfish gift because you can give it but then you can enjoy it with the recipient (if you are really lucky and if you play your cards right, that is). The packaging is exquisite on this one as well as a few others on this list. So this is a real selling point, I would say, and would make a beautiful gift.

4. Coach Eau de Parfum

Coach, Eau de Parfum, $98.00

The packaging on this is so romantic that it almost doesn’t matter what it smells like. But then again, it’s Coach so you know it is going to smell wonderful on top of being so beautifully packaged.

5. Small  Pink Tassels Travel, Accessories & Jewelry Box

Travel, Jewelry & Accessories box, $16,99

How cute is this little box? Who wouldn’t love this box? Only someone who is so jaded that nothing gives them pleasure anymore. This box will have universal appeal for just about any girl (or even guy since we are moving towards a unisex world). It is by a company called Vlando and all they do is jewelry boxes. So they are really experts. And with this one, I think it shows. Nice gift.

6. Mermaid Makeup Brush Set

Mermaid Makeup Brush set, $9.99

A perfect gift for the little mermaid in your life And this could be a stand alone gift as well as a gift that is coupled with others. It just depends on the situation. 

7. Princess Pet Carrier

Pet Carrier

This is for the girl who thinks she is the new Paris Hilton. It is a kitten carrier but actually, why couldn’t you put  a little dog in it? It is overthetop cute in all its pink glory and it will be the most adorable pet carrier she has ever seen in her life. She will love you forever if you give her this for Valentine’s Day.

8. The Date Night Cook Book

A Cookbook for lovers

What could be more romantic than cooking together? And the great thing about this gift is that either party can give it to the other; it is not more suitable for one gender than the other. But the great thing about it is that they get to enjoy it together, and it is a gift that can last a lifetime. Sweet.

9. Champagne & Dessert Glasses

Wine Glasses, $22.00

Seriously, never seen anything so beautiful as these pinkish champagne glasses for two. How gorgeous are these things?! And I’m not just saying that because I want you to buy it so I get a commission either. I really mean it. And the reviews are just great. One person even said the pictures do not do them justice. I think I want to get these for myself, actually. I really love these. J’adore.

10. Stationery & Envelopes

Envelopes, $10.98

This may not seem like the most romantic gift but I think it totally is very, very romantic.

The receiver can write all these hand-written letters to the giver with these and who does that anymore. Very few people so it would be so treasured, so appreciated? Below you find the stationery with Rose header here at this link tps://