By Jeannie Lacroix

Let’s Go Skiing!

I don’t ski but I did a bit of sleuthing and here is a list I have put together for you. I think it might facilitate your life. You should begin to write down your list and include one of just about everything on this curated list on yours because I suspect you are going to need them in order to have a successful ski trip. Happy alpine travels!

So, here goes with the list of what you should pack:

1. You need a good helmet – $46.89

Ski Helmet 

So, this one is a no brainer because when you are on frozen ice and snow, it is possible you could fall and then hit your head and obviously that would not be so fabulous.

So take the necessary precautions and wear a helmet. Like this one by Akaso which you can buy on Amazon.  It is a highly rated, safety-certified ski and snowboarding helmet. I think 4 or more stars. You can use it for snowboarding and skiing alike like I said. According to the description you have climate control venting and it is goggles compatible. It also has removable ear pads.

2. You need a great pair of ski sunglasses/Goggles -$28.99

Ski goggles

You need to protect your eyes from that mountain sun. This one by Scoteep which is available on Amazon is billed as unisex, for both men and women. It is even appropriate for kids/youth. Great for skiing and snowboarding and it has anti fog UV protection lens. Plus, it just looks kind of cool and the price is very reasonable to boot. You just need to get a helmet like the one above that is goggles compatible because not all helmets are goggles compatible.

3. You need a snugly warm scarf and hat.

Hat and Scarf Set

Obviously, you need a scarf and you need a hat when you are on the slopes fulfilling your alpine dreams. Something nice and warm and cozy and cute. This one by a brand named IYEBRAO is cute for the girls because it is blue and I think blue looks amazing in the snow. Of course, if you like it in another color there are seven different colors to choose from, and frankly, many different styles.

4. You need ear muffs – $6.95

Ear Muffs/Warmers, Unisex

Even of you don’t like hats, you can at least wear an ear muff to keep your ears warm on the slopes. This ear muff by  Joeyyoung is unisex for both men and women. It is made of fleece and has a very simple design that comes in about 5 or 6 different colors. Yes, you can were the ear muffs with a hat if you want but you can also wear one or the other, depending on your tolerance for that mountain cold and wind.

5. You need a great ski jacket $54.24 (women) and $79.89 (men)

Obviously, you are going to need a ski jacket.

Men’s Ski Jacket

You can always rent one at the station if you are only going to ski once or twice.

Women’s ski jacket

But if you plan on skiing more than once during the season, it might be worth it to invest in your own ski jacket because at least you can control how you look,

your style narrative. This pink one for women is polyester by MOERDENG. It is waterproof, and hooded and incredibly well reviewed on Amazon.  The men’s jacket is by Wantdo. It is also very well reviewed on Amazon with a 4 + star rating after more than 5,000 reviews! And it comes in about 14 different colors. Not bad.

6. You need thermals.

7. You need ski pants $19.99 (women) and (men) $49.98

Ski Pants for Men

You will need ski pants, waterproof, and warm. And of course, yes, you have to look chic when you are on the slopes.

Ski Pants for Women

The après ski is another issue but on the snow, you do want to look chic. There are a lot of options that won’t break the bank. Here are some cool ski pants for women. This one comes in a lot of different colors. I think I counted 20 colors.  And one for men as well, with prices starting as low as 19.99.

8. You need ski boots starting at $229.95

Ski boots are not all that cheap and you can rent them at the station if you are not planning on using them a lot.

Mens Ski Boots

But if you want to invest in some ski boots, Amazon really has a lot to offer. Check out these for women, just as a teaser. Seriously, how awesome are these? How formidable? And then look at the guys’ ones.

Women’s Ski Boots

9. You need warm socks – about $21.99

Warm socks will be needed on your ski trip. So why not consider getting a pair of these. They are unisex and they sound perfect for the alpine adventurer like you.

Ski Socks unisex

They are made of nylon, wool spandex and polypropylene. They are described as lightweight and warm by the seller, with anti odor properties. They are described as fitting well in the ski boots and with elastic that prevents them from sliding down. They are backed by 100 percent guarantee by the seller as well.

10. You need warm ski gloves or mittens – $129.00

These heated ski gloves by Snow Deer are not cheap but they are very well reviewed and they are unisex with electrical rechargeable battery.

Ski Gloves 

The fabric is sheep leather. Actually, this is not just good for skiing even people with arthritis can use this according to the description. They are water resistant and you can adjust the temperature as needed because it has 3 different heat settings.

11. Thick sweater for skiing 

A thick sweater is a no brainer when you are in the Alps or wherever you go to ski. Here is one by Woolrich for the girls.

Men’s retro ski sweater

It is a merino wool crew neck.Very light weight. It has some nylon and viscose and other fibers. It comes in pink and white also. And next to it is a retro one for the boys. Very cool.

Merino Wool Sweater for Women


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