Jeannie Lacroix had the pleasure of speaking with Titi B. a Teenage French girl about the trends she and her friends are following this Winter. Here is a summary of the interview:

Jeannie LaCroix: Hello Titi B. Thanks for speaking with us today. Can you tell us what are the style trends in Paris these days for cool, young and hip people?

Titi B. Sure, I would love to! 


One thing I have noticed is that color is everywhere! Girls are wearing a lot of bright colors like pink, lime and purple. This may seem like a big surprise to people who think that French girls only wear black and white. Maybe in the past but my friends and I really love a lot of bright colors.


No French girl who is really into trends and fashion right now wants to be caught without her chunky heel sneakers. One of my favorites is the one from Balenciaga – in black. J’adore this basket! But you can wear other brands. They just have to have a thick heel. The only time it doesn’t need a thick heel is if it is Stan Smith or Nike Air Force One. This one by Adidas is very cool also.


French girls are loving slim fitting black trousers and jeans right now. But it has to cover the ankles and skim your sneakers to be cool. It can’t expose the ankles.

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Plaid is a must have for any stylish French girl wardrobe right now. We really like to wear our boyfriends’ hoodies if possible. But we are also in the mind of unisex. Clothes for both boys and girls.

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Plaid Jacket


Wide legged jeans 

Just last year, it was very cool to have skin tight jeans and trousers but this year, the look is looser. Kind of like a “boyfriend” jean, but not too baggy.


The French Girl Beret

The French girl today is wearing the old-fashioned beret. In all colors but especially in black and red. You can think of French influencers many of whom sport how to wear a beret on their Instagram page, and just observe French girls on the streets of Paris. But everywhere you look, everyone is wearing the beret these days in every color.


Sequin top 

At the nightclubs in Paris, it is all about satin slip dresses, leopard print, Sparkly tops and short skirts (this could be in leather, sequins, denim or even suede), and bright colored tops.

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