By Jeannie Lacroix

Hey there, my busy professional friends and colleagues. Here is my latest curation. Stuff especially tailored to you, even though I know that quite paradoxically, the last thing professionals want to spend their time talking about when they are not at the office is work. They want to think about other things, like their cocktail party, their ski holiday, seduction, their favorite television show, and what they will cook for dinner tonight. They really don’t want to talk about which stapling machine they should buy.

The inspiration comes from the simple fact that we spend an inordinate amount of our waking hours at the office and there are things we need to do our job and make the work more enjoyable. Sometimes, it can get stressful at work. Especially when we feel we don’t have adequate office supplies, or we are not dressed in appropriate office wear, or the office furniture is outdated, or the office computers and phones don’t work so fabulously. In this post, I would like to see if I can find you some office stuff that will make your day a little bit smoother. (this article originally appeared on

Let’s go!

1. The Ergonomically Correct Office Chair.

Who doesn’t need an ergonomically correct office chair? This one is $189.99.  It is a breathable mesh fabric, armrest, backrest and headrest according to the seller. With thick seats. Sweet. BUY ON AMAZON.

2. The Office Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet

Who doesn’t need a multifunctional filing cabinet for their office? I don’t know a single person! Do you? This one may not be so sexy but it sure does look practical. And that is exactly what we all need in our filing cabinets. Practicality as opposed to sexiness (for which we can turn to Kim Kardashian who can deliver that to us in great abundance.)  BUY ON AMAZON

3. The Ever Essential Stapler

I mean, seriously, who doesn’t need a stapling machine? Seriously? Especially one that comes with 1000 staples! (LOL) Oh my gosh. It is one of those types of days where I have to restrain myself from being too “me.” You know? I’m talking to professionals here. But you need a stapling machine, don’tcha? BUY ON AMAZON


Legal Pads

Who doesn’t need legal pads at the office? Seriously? I know I keep saying that but this stuff  is so basic, so obvious, that it’s just like, SERIOUSLY. This pack of 12 from Amazon Basics. So Basique!

5. Inspiring Art Desk Stand With 12 Inspirational Cards

Desk Stand with Motivational Cards

This one, I think it is a very nice gift for a colleague – or for yourself, equally. Especially one who might be moving on to other pastures. Very positive. Very nice. Simple. Classy. Love it. Voila. BUY ON AMAZON

6. Cisco Multiplatform Landline Phone – Firmware

I’m thinking a lot of professionals need a phone like this for their desk at the office whether the office is at home or not. Sure, you have your mobile phone but let’s face it: There is still a place for landline phones like this one that allows you to put people on hold and have conference calls while sitting at your ergonomically correct desk in your ergonomically correct chair. BUY ON AMAZON

7. The White Board
A lot of professionals need a white board in their office. (Especially for English lessons! Which, if you are in Paris and need a Business English teacher, don’t hesitate because I might be able to help). But I digress. This whiteboard looks kinda lovely to me. Of course, that is all I know about it. How it looks. I don’t personally have one like it. It is very premium in terms of price so only the executive types with big salaries will like this one. But still, I do like how it looks. 🙂 BUY ON AMAZON

8. The Trash Can
This is definitely not a sexy device but how incredibly essential is this for the office? You can’t get through a day at the office without a trash can. Admit it! So, voila. Here is one from Amazon Basics. Very affordable, I must say. Even I can buy one. (LOL). BUY ON AMAZON
9. Workstation Desktop Computer System

To tell you the truth, I don’t know what the hell this is. Seriously, I don’t. It looks like a very serious piece of technology but what exactly it does, don’t look at me. How much is it? LOL. It makes me giggle. This puppy is $12,999.99! OK??? You want it, dontcha? BUY ON AMAZON

10. The Desktop Computer

Desktop computer from HP

But of course (Mais Oui!) You need a desktop in addition to your laptop and table. But of course. OK? So this one is from HP. 

Amazon description:

“HP 4NN56AA#ABA Pavilion 24-Inch All-in-One Computer, Intel Core i5-9400T, 12 GB RAM, 512 GB Solid State Drive, Windows 10 (24-Xa0032, Black)”  BUY ON AMAZON

And, voilà. That’s it for this curation. See you next time! Have a nice day at the office. Bissou. xoxo.