By Jeannie Lacroix

Busy professionals don’t stay all day at the office, thank god. They actually go home at some point, and they have lives, and sometimes, they even entertain. Oprah knows this and she just did a post in her magazine called Here is Where to Get Those Love is Blind Gold Wine Glasses.

In this post, I would like to appeal to the entertainer side of the busy professional, the one who is planning a cozy dinner for two or a dinner party for 4 (perhaps one of your colleagues will be a guest, perhaps not.) But the idea is, just because you are a career person does not mean you don’t have a life outside the office. And that is the whole point of Jeannie Lacroix, your online shopping fairy godmother. She wants to look for all sorts of things you might like, whether you use it at the office, or you use it when you leave the office. You are still a busy professional and you are exactly the person she wants to help to streamline your online shopping so that you don’t spend all your free time from work looking for stuff online. Do you like any of these???

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