Hey Busy Professionals. Are you wondering about which brands are the best brands of 2020?

By Jeannie Lacroix

Well, according to Interbrand and Forbes, the best brands of 2020 include the following 10 brands which appears in no particular order below. Between them, they employ more than 2,444,171 busy professionals. If you work for these brands, lucky you. 🙂

So for today’s curation, I thought I would find products from each of these top best brands of 2020 to present to you. Do you like any of them?

The first one is Gillette.

Gillette is a masculine brand, I think. I remember my father used to use Gillette razors when I was a kid. He was more of a beard guy but he did shave from time to time and it was always with Gillette. I was not surprised to learn it is a solid brand because it has been around a very long time and is pretty much a household name at this point. The company employs 30,000 employees (or busy professionals as I like to call them). BUY ON AMAZON.

The next up is Google.

Why is that not a big surprise that Google is one of the best brands according to most sources? First they were aggregators of data. Now of course they offer all sorts of products including cellphones. Yesterday I did a list of UNLOCKED cell phones under $500 bucks which included one from Google. Here is another one Google product for your review. It is the Google Expeditions student VR Kit This is android device with tag price of $8,199.99. Google, btw, employs 103,539 busy professionals. BUY ON AMAZON.

Next up: Amazon.

AmazonBasics 14-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with High-Carbon Stainless-Steel Blades and Pine Wood Bloc

Well, Amazon is just a mastodon in the e-commerce industry, isn’t it? They sell everything from knives, binoculars, reclyners, luggage, apparel, fire resistant safes, laptop cases, and mattresses. All the products listed in this post are form Amazon but now they have expanded their business model to include their own branded products, under the brand name Amazon Basics. A lot of people criticize them for this because the say Amazon is competing with its sellers. But really, it is about expansion and growing and scaling up. Businesses have to keep innovating and keep growing otherwise they risk death.  Amazon employs 750,000 busy professionals AS OF this writing.

Coca Cola is another of the best brands of 2020 according to Interbrand.

Kurt Adler Coca-Cola Six Pack Santa Carton Ornament

I can’t say I drink a lot of soda – especially these days. But when I do, it is Coca Cola for sure. I used to love the orange soda. Forgot what it is called because they don’t have it in Paris and I liked Mountain Dew, also. But as far as soda goes, it’s Coca Cola in summertime for me. I am not surprised it makes the top list. And don’t think for a second that soft drinks is all that the brand sells. Check out their Amazon selection here. I really love that clock!

Toyota is another brand that has made the best top brands of 2020.

YIN Men Women Cool Flat Bill Mesh Baseball Cap Snapback Adjustable Trucker Dad Hat Black Gray

Do you drive a Toyota? I don’t drive. My favorite car is a Mini Cooper to be honest. But I don’t really know much about Toyota and Toyotas but I know it is one of the top 10 companies in the world and the second biggest auto manufacturer behind Volkswagon. What do you think about the Toyota brand? What do you think of this unisex Toyota hat? Cool?

Nescafe is the other brand that has made the Best Brands of 2020 list.

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine, Genio 2, Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Pod Machine

Like all the others on the list it is a global brand. A great line of coffees and machines. This is a swiss brand with its headquarters in Switzerland. Nescafe was originally created, I think, at the request of the Brazilian government. It’s a subsidiary of Nestle and I imagine that Nestle is a cool company. They have a really really cool brand ambassador in George Clooney (for Nespresso?). Love their coffees. And their coffee machines. What about you?

Home Depot makes the list.

Not sure if this brand is very well known outside of America. But inside the USA, yea, people love them some home depot. And that is why it made Interbrand’s list of best brands of 2020, no doubt. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Home Depot:  The Home Depot, Inc. is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States supplying tools, construction products, and services. The company is headquartered at the Atlanta Store Support Center in unincorporated Cobb County, Georgia.” Looks like they are a massive employer. I googled them and it looks like the brand employs 400,000.

Samsung MD230X6 23-Inch 6 Screen Multi Display

Next up is Samsung.

Samsung is a great brand and I love their cell phones, personally. It is a well respected global brand an electronics mastodon located in South Korea with over 321,671 employees (busy working professionals!). According to Wikipedia it is “the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer electronics and semiconductors by revenue. As of June 2018, Samsung Electronics’ market capitalization stood at US$325.9 billion.” So this is a huge company. And has been around a really long time too. Not surprised it made the list. What do you think about Samsung? I just saw an article about “data leaks” that occurred recently but beyond that, what do you think about Samsung, brand?

What do you think about their 23-inch SyncMaster MD series monitor is designed specifically for multi-screen computing? According to their description: “It is designed to meet the needs of power gamers, as well as business users with multi-screen desktop set-ups. It was developed using AMD’s ATI Eyefinity technology to bring an affordable big screen solution to the home or office desktop. The MD series has thin bezel, allowing images to smoothly extend across multiple displays. It brings an ultra high-definition display to the consumer’s desktop and is ideal for gamers looking for a commanding view of the in-game experience. It also creates a seamless view for multi-display set-ups in a business setting. Whether users are in finance, design, programming or engineering, the flexibility of the set-up in multiple portrait and landscape configurations increases their productivity.” And their latest Samsung Galaxy Unlocked Smartphone?

Finally, Frito-Lay.

Frito Lay Peanuts Salted In-Shell, 4.5 Oz Bags 21pk

Don’t think I ever ate a single Frito-Lay which must strike you as bizarre. Actually, I must have had a Frito-Lay at some point in my life. I just don’t recall….. But when I read it is one of the top brands in 2020, I thought, “whoa, you better run to the supermarket right now and pick one of these puppies up, girl!” I just don’t know if they have them in Paris. What do you think about this brand?….oh wait. I just wikipedia’d them. Forget everything I just said. I lied. I have had some of their products, like Sun Chips. Didn’t know this was theirs. They are owned by PepsiCo??? Seriously? Wow. They make a lot of products actually. According to Wikipedia they make “Lay’s, Fritos, Doritos, Ruffles, Cheetos, Marke Es Delende Chipps, Sun Chips, Tostitos, Rold Gold, Funyuns, Master Sun.” They have about 55,000 employees around the world, btw. I have definitely had Doritos and Ruffles. Maybe even Cheetos. So, yea. I am a big fat liar. I thought there was a chip called “Frito-Lay.” But no. There are Lays and there are Fritos. But not Frito-lays. That’s the name of the company! OMG.

GILLETTE 30,000 GOOGLE 103,000 AMAZON 750,000
COCA COLA 62,600 TOYOTA 370,870 NESCAFE 352,000 HOME DEPOT 400,000 SAMSUNG 320,671 FRITO LAY 55,000
  This chart shows how many jobs (and busy professionals) these 10 companies which have been voted as the best companies/brands of 2020, have created. Between them, they employ 2,444,141 people! Insane