Looking for a new suitcase?

It’s the travel season and you are on the hunt for a new suitcase. Your fairy godmother would like to introduce you to four different ones she has found while surfing the web. She is not necessarily recommending any of them and she realizes there are so many other brands out there which could be even cooler to you. For example you have brands like Samsonite, Away Travel, July…. so many others. She only wants to show you what she has found. You will have to decide if you like any of them or not, and if you want to purchase any of them or not. She also would like you to know that while she does not own any of these personally, there is one in the group that she is seriously considering buying just as soon as she has ticked the first 10 must haves off her list. Luggage, you understand, comes in at number 11 on her list…TMI. This is not about your fairy godmother…

Without further ado:

  1. Porsche Roadster Hardcase Light Trolley This one seems cool if you are into fast cars, and especially if you drive a Porsche. And if you are young. Or young at heart. And into speed. Do you have a Porsche or a sportscar if you don’t mind me asking? And do you have great sports style? Are you athletic, fast moving, and into looking like the coolest kid on the block? And do you have disposable income to allot to statement luggage? Do you travel a lot for work or leisure? Then, I say go for this suitcase. They describe it as being suitable for people who are going on long trips, but I imagine it is fine for short trips as well. I think so long as you are a traveler and you are sporty and you like to make a statement with all of your things, then go for this suitcase. It comes in other colors, like Black. So, don’t feel like you are limited to the white one which admittedly will probably get ruined a lot more quickly than a darker color from harsh handling at the airport – unless of course you are traveling by private jet. In which case, this one looks perfect. Price: 399,99 euros.
  • Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase. I don’t know about you, but the price point on this one is perfect for me. For luggage. I mean, don’t get me wrong: when I become a millionaire, of course I am going to change my luggage for something more posh, like a Rimowa. I am literally salivating over owning a Rimowa!!! But until then, your fairy godmother looks for practicality in luggage. Oh, I want it to be cute too. But I am not willing to spend an arm and a leg on my suitcase at this point and so very frankly, if I were going to buy one of these four, it would be this one. I think this one comes in three different sizes and they can fit into each other. I read the reviews on Amazon and most people seem really happy with this one. Here is one example of an Amazon review: “Trip to Germany to see my son & family meant I needed a tough, manageable suitcase. It had to hold enough, yet be sturdy and easy to maneuver and good looking. Found all that in this, delivered in amazing time. I’m in love with it!! Beautiful design & color, amazingly light weight, but evidently tough material. So cool!! » I have to say there are a lot more of these on this product and I got sold on it because when you consider the price on it compared to others, what have you got to lose, I’m thinking.

With that all being said, this is obviously about you and your needs and your personal budget. I am not recommending this valise over any of the others. It is up to you and your own tastes and individual needs. I am just saying that this one looks really appealing to me and based on the reviews, a lot of the people who bought it seem to agree. Price: $59.99

  • Unitravel Vintage Suitcase Hard Shell Rolling Carry On Luggage Trolley Retro Trunk.  Okay, so I love this. I fucking love this. Excuse my French. However. It is mysteriously unavailable as of this writing and on Amazon where I found it, they say they have no idea when or if it will ever be available! In which case, I am not sure why they chose to tantalize us by leaving it up on the website only to frustrate us when we can’t purchase it. Or why i am listing it on this site. But yea. This is the kind of luggage that in my fantasies, I was born to own.  This is like, movie star cool. I would pay good money to own this. What about you? Cause I keep forgetting that this is about you, and not about me. It is not about what I like but what you like. What do you think about this suitcase.  Would you like to own it (if it ever becomes available?) BTW, I found some similar ones on EBAY.

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews on it on Amazon, so I don’t know how people feel about this one. But it seems to be well manufactured. According to the description it is made of PU leather and has a “special protective film” and the interior is eco-friendly lined with a “safe” polyester fabric. And it is available in four sizes including carryon. It just looks adorable. Like a dream. Fabulous. Price: $169.00

  • Rimowa. Oh my God. This one is just amazing. It is expansive AF, but it is amazing. It is German made, like the BMW, and the design is obviously(?) quite exceptional, cause, I mean, it’s German, right? You can find the check in size for about 820 euros. Or the carryon size for about 690 euros. I mean, this is for people who have it like that, obviously. When you dish out that kind of dough on luggage, you better have it like that. Especially with check in luggage because no one will care how much you spend on it. They will toss it around like a piece of garbage. They are not going to be careful with it. The manufacturers and designers of Rimowa luggage obviously factored that into their calculus and they used durable materials to construct it. For example, aluminum and magnesium. But still. I found this review and they claim that it dents and scratches easily. I am not too thrilled to hear that. But other things like a luxe interior, easy maneuverability and snob appeal might be selling points for you.  You know who owns one? Olivia Palermo and her husband Johannes. She waxes poetic about her Rimowa and she says it is not because her husband is the face of the brand. She says they loved the brand well before he was the face. And look, it’s luxury. Its LVMH! So there you go. Price : 610 euros


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