Shopping for sustainable Makeup, Furniture, Shoes, Lingerie, Prêt-a-Porter with the French Touch?

As online shopping becomes more and more the norm, shopping international brands will also be the norm. Brands understand this which is why so many have online portals to satisfy their international customer base. With that in mind, this article highlights five French brands that are now available for online shoppers around the world who want to shop products with the “french touch.”

Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier, the brand, is a Japanese-owned French-American company that produces cosmetics, skin care, bath and body products. The brand was founded in the 1990’s by a French woman aptly named Laura Mercier, a respected French makeup artist from Provence, and her business partner Janet Gurwitch. Laura Mercier (Née Michele Mercier) has worked with many American celebrities over the years including Madonna, Jodi Foster, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johannsen, Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few. (See Chron). She is known for her “Flawless Face” makeup looks. Her products are available worldwide online (for you online shoppers) and in stores across Asia, Europe and the United States. Oh, btw, even though the company was acquired by Shisheido which is still the parent company as of this writing, Ms. Mercier is still involved with the brand and with the creative side specifically. The brand Laura Mercier Cosmetics has flagship stores in Paris and New York.


Repetto is a prestigious French luxury brand that is relatively quiet compared to others in its class, but if CEO Jean-Marc Gaucher has his way, the brand will become increasingly visible as a luxury French lifestyle brand. Repetto was originally a brand that was created to sell ballet shoes believe it or not. The creator’s son was a ballet dancer and often complained about painful feet, so his mother Rose Repetto took matters into her own hands and began to make his shoes and eventually she started a company that outfitted the National Opera of Paris with their shoes. And before you know it, her shoes appeared on the delectable feet of renowned French actress Brigitte Bardot in Et Dieu créa la Femme. (See her Wiki).

 Even today, Repetto is not one of those French brands that necessarily screams at you or jumps out at you. In fact, it can sometimes get lost in the shuffle, if you want to know the truth. Because it is so understated. So NOT flashy. And maybe there is a reason for that because after the Rose Repetto died, circa 1984, and until Gaucher took over as the new CEO (with a clear vision for the brand) in 1999, the brand became largely forgotten in France. Since his arrival, Repetto has expanded internationally and has tried to redefine itself as a luxury lifestyle brand. No longer just a venue to find the best darned dancing shoes in the world (especially if you are a ballerina) , the proudly “Made in France” brand is now into footwear for the whole family, perfume, bags and pret-a-porter – among other things.  They recently expanded into the US in New York with a store in SoHo.

Maison du Monde

Maison du Monde is an American-owned French brand which was created in 1990 by a French guy named Xavier Marie. The company changed hands via IPO and is today 80 percent owned by Bain Capital, an American private investment firm located in Boston Massachusetts that owns and/or has heavily invested in numerous top global brands (See Wikipedia). The brand’s products can be purchased online from most countries and it has physical stores in the following countries according to Wikipedia: USA, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Germany, Italy, and UK. So, if you are online shopping for stuff such as light fixtures, sofas, bedroom furniture, wardrobes, storage units, and so on, and you want something with a French touch, consider this brand. I can tell you this much: Manson th Monde has the cutest armchairs I have ever seen! And the prices are very reasonable, all things considering.


Camaieu for french basics. Want basic, pret-a-porter French clothes and accessories for women and young girls? Introducing Camaieu. Camaieu is a French French brand. By that I mean the founder, Jean-Pierre Thork is French and the company remains French owned despite the high turnover of ownership in the retail industry. The brand can be found in other European capitals including in Belgium, Spain, Slovakia, Czech, Romania, Russia, Hungary, and Italy. There is a store in the North African nation of Morroco as well. (See Wikipedia). There are over 650 Camaieu stores in France and another 400 or so in these other countries. However, if you happen not to live in any of the countries where you can simply walk into one of the stores, there is always online shopping, darling. At Camaieu you can find French-girl inspired jewelry, clothing, bags and other accessories all for women ages 20 – 40 (whatever that even means in today’s ageless climate).  The current CEO of Camaieu was once CEO of Princesse Tam Tam. FYI.

Princesse Tam Tam

Searching for tastefully sexy panties and lingerie with a French touch? Look no further than Princesse Tam Tam. Princesse Tam Tam is a Japanese-owned French Brand which was founded in 1985 in Paris by two Indian sisters (Louima and Sharma Hiridjee) of Muslim provenance from the South Asian island of Madagascar. How much more exotically international could a brand be?! The brand specializes in lingerie and corsets and these were originally inspired by  the 1935 film Princesse Tam Tam starring Josephine Baker – the African American entertainer who moved to France in the early 1900s. At the time of the founding, the sisters opened a boutique which as located in the sixth arrondissement of Paris. In 2005 Japanese company Uniqlo (Fast Retailing) bought 95 percent of the stock. (See Wikipedia.) Princesse Tam Tam gets high marks in their online reviews for quality and customer service. See, for example, . In addition to purchasing in store, you can also find Princesse Tam Tam in many of the world’s high end boutiques such as Selfridges and Harrods in London; Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and Galleries Lafayette in Paris. But yes, there is a website for online shopping options too. If you are so inclined.  On a sad note, the founders were murdered in a terrorist bombing in India. Before their death in Bombay in 2008 the owners also purchased two other French brands Lulu Castagnette and Kookai. Just an FYI.