• Price Transparency

Brands sometimes have discrepancies with prices that customers can find off-putting, or they display merchandise in such a way as to deceive the consumer. This is not being transparent and consumers don’t tend to appreciate being intentionally deceived. Further, they may omit certain added costs such as handling and shipping and taxes, making it seem like the item is one price when in fact it is probably triple the cost. To be a brand with great customer service, you need to avoid doing that to your customers. Brands like Patagonia, The North Face, Amazon and Wrangler are considered to be brands with great customer service.

  • Easy and convenient Return Policies

Zappos is a brand that is apparently known for its great return policies. This shoe e-commerce site is said to have a 365-day return policy. Sounds almost too good to be true but if it is, this is definitely a sign of a company that understands great customer service. What customer would not like to know they can return a product up to one year after they purchase it?

  • Free Shipping when possible

Offering free shipping to your customers is hands down a sign of great customer service because shipping costs these days can take up about a third or more of the total price of a purchased good and sometimes, it could be so much that the customer ends up not even making the purchase. But if the customer knows ahead of time it is free shipping, this could be a selling point bar none. And it could be a marketing ploy also that results in having a ton of repeat customers.

  • Sales and Discounts that really are sales and discounts with codes that work

Not many things are more disappointing than having a discount code for a brand and then when you try to use it to purchase online you can’t because it does not work. A brand with great customer service rarely has a situation where it offers sales and discount codes that don’t work and that forces the customer to pay full price for the item.

  • 24/7 365 customer care

It is a very nice perk and a sure sign of great customer service when a brand can be reached all hours of the day and night to resolve issues a customer is having with a product or service.

  • Humans over robots at the other end of the line

Robots are great but they can be bloody annoying when you want to talk to a human being. With all due respect to the advances being made in robotics, they do not compare to a human in certain scenarios. What is more infuriating that calling the customer service line for a brand and this robotic person is basically stopping you from even getting past the first question which is asking you to  repeat your name 100 times because it didn’t understand what you said the other 99 times? Brands with great customer service do not subject their customers to robots all the bleeping time.

  • Open Forums on your website

Customers like things like open forums where they can go on a brand’s website to talk, listen and learn about the brand and about issues other customers are having. Open forums are also venues where a brand can offer its customers an inside account of goings on with the brand, conduct interviews with change-makers to share useful information and otherwise keep their customers engaged. This is really an opportunity for brands to show their great customer service.

  • A customer is always right policy

A lot of brands understand that the customer is the bread and butter of their brand but some brands seem not to understand this. They engage in insulting and controversial marketing policies that offend some of their customers and otherwise engage in behaviors or uphold policies that put people off. To be a great brand and to show great customer service, it is important to have an attitude that the customer is always right and the customer’s rights, including their moral rights, human rights, social rights etc.

  • Phone operators who speak the language of the customers

Nothing is more frustrating than having a problem with a product or service and calling the customer service line for the brand and having to speak with someone who you do not understand. It is definitely not the way to be a great customer service brand.

  • Proper handling of customer data and respect for customer privacy

Consumers don’t like when their data is mishandled and when there is a breach of their privacy. So to be a brand with great customer service, it is imperative that brands are diligent about preserving the privacy of their customers and protecting data and not misusing data in any way.