Hi, I am Marion TD Lewis, the creator of the Marion TD Lewis Digital Network. Jeannie Lacroix, your online shopping fairy godmother is the newest addition to my growing list of websites and blogs.

Jeannielacroix.com is based on the idea that online shopping should be a curated feast, presented every day to busy professionals with light-hearted commentary. We target professional people ages 21 – 60 who are fashion/style conscious, like a high standard of living, travel, work, exercise, and play in equal measure, and like to live beautifully in every way they can.

Our story

“Jeannie Lacroix” is a name I have been using for more than a decade in my work as a writer and blogger, perhaps dating as far back as 2008, when I was living in NYC. (At the moment, I reside in Paris.)

The idea for the online shopping platform came about in November 2019 when my sister and I were discussing what to do with the URL which I had owned off and on since 2012.

Circa 2012, I moved to Paris and fancied myself a budding designer of women’s evening gowns, handbags and medium price range housewares (such as towels and table cloths). I had some labels made up in the Marais, and had a couple of dresses made by couturiers in Montmartre. I designed and hand sewed a few bags and scarves which I gave out as presents to two of my students. I then bought the URL www.jeannielacroix.com from Godaddy and tried to set up a digital shop to sell my designs. Things did not proceed much further beyond that for one or the other reason. Before long, I abandoned the idea of having my own brand called Jeannie Lacroix, and the URL expired. But I could not let go of the idea completely.

In 2019 I decided to buy the URL again. I did not have a clear idea what I wanted to do with it but after a long discussion with my sister, the idea for this e-commerce platform was born. My sister is the engineer so she works on the engine and makes sure everything is functioning properly so that I can get behind the wheel and drive the car. We drove off the parking lot in November 2019.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Our News Updates

1. March 01, 2020. Jeannie Lacroix has partnered with BUSINESS ENGLISH PARIS to cross-promote our brands and services to busy professionals around the world Business English Paris is part of ELG (English Language Global) and offers English Language Coaching to French professionals in Paris. Their latest offering Business English Lunch Conversation Series is animated by Marion TD Lewis, the creator of the Jeannie Lacroix brands. In addition to her work with Jeannie Lacroix, Marion is a Business English coach in Paris. Follow the BUSINESS ENGLISH PARIS blog at Business English Paris. You can also follow BUSINESS ENGLISH PARIS on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

2. January 10, 2020; Jeannie LaCroix is now an Amazon affiliate. This means that when you click on links from AMAZON on this website, an affiliate commission could be paid to the administrators of this website. We thank you in advance for your patronage.